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Purchasing CRM: Partner vs. Direct

In today’s digital world, businesses, large and small, need exceptional software solutions to stand apart from their competition. Depending on your team’s needs, purchasing a solution directly from the vendor will do the trick. Other times, though, your objectives will require customized configuration and support.

Deciding between these two approaches can be difficult since you may be unsure of the benefits each can provide. In this post we’ll take a closer look at the partner vs. direct dilemma to help you decide which is right for your business.

Purchase direct if:

  • You prefer to work directly with the well-recognized brand. i.e. Microsoft

  • You don’t have time to search for the “right” partner

  • You can hire internal expertise on the specific tool

  • Your needs are relatively simple and will not require customization

  • The tool is already familiar to your organization, so training and end user support are unnecessary

Purchase through a partner if:

  • You prefer a dedicated support team who will take time to get to know your business to provide you with best practices and recommend solutions to fit your needs. SYNACT makes it a priority to understand your objectives and processes; your success is our success.

  • If an issue is not resolved in the first call, you prefer to continue working with the same support specialist, ensuring consistency and removing the need to repeat information. SYNACT has a dedicated team of U.S.-based support professionals, each of whom specializes in a group of customers.

  • You are looking for a “one stop shop." SYNACT provides services to assist you in making the most of all your Microsoft 365 tools.

  • Your business deals with sensitive data. Beyond implementation of basic security features, SYNACT recommends strategies and monitors usage to make sure your data stays clean and secure.

  • You want a dedicated resource for your software initiative, including long term administration and support. At SYNACT, we offer a unique-to-the-industry, all-inclusive subscription model that includes initial and ongoing configuration, as well as UNLIMITED training.

If you want to maximize your overall business efficiency and productivity, then hiring a partner is a smart move. A partner’s aptitude and experience will help you leverage ever-evolving best-in-class software. At SYNACT, we believe software should be zero-conflict and predictable as a business expense. Plus, we believe your trusted partner should have some skin in the game to ensure success. If your software vendor is unable to tell you what your cost will be for implementation AND long-term evolution and support, you might find SYNACT’s model a refreshing alternative.


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