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  • Do you charge an implementation or setup fee?
    No. SYNACT charges a monthly subscription fee based on your organization’s number of users. When we agree to begin working together, we will send your first monthly invoice, which is due upon receipt. While you may not have access to CRM immediately, your subscription begins as soon as we begin design. That’s as close as we come to an implementation or setup fee.
  • Who owns the data at the end of the contract?
    You have full, unfettered access to your data at all times during and after the contract.
  • Can I add users to my subscription as necessary?
    Yes. We’ll write the subscription agreement for a minimum number of users. Beyond that minimum, you can add and remove users as often as necessary.
  • Do Dynamics 365 apps really work together seamlessly ?
    With a common data model across Microsoft's email, chat, and CRM platforms, it is faster than ever before to deploy and integrate solutions. Microsoft’s intelligent business apps are extended using tools like PowerApps (an app builder) and Power Automate (a trigger based workflow builder). This evolution eliminates historical boundaries between disparate business applications like CRM and ERP.
  • I already use Microsoft Dynamics on-premise. Can I move to the cloud?
    Yes, SYNACT has migrated many on-premise environments online. We'll map out a strategy for taking your unique customizations and data to the cloud, then execute the plan to minimize downtime for this essential business tool.
  • How can I try Dynamics 365?
    We offer a limited trial package that allows you to dive into D365 and experience SYNACT as a partner. Or, you can get to know the app in a no pressure demo led by one of our experienced specialists.
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