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Want to know more? Peruse our FAQs to understand more fully why SYNACT's unique approach to implementing and supporting CRM through Microsoft Dynamics 365 is right for your organization.
  • Do you charge an implementation or setup fee?

    No. SYNACT charges a monthly subscription fee based on your organization’s number of users. When we agree to begin working together, we will send your first monthly invoice, which is due upon receipt. While you may not have access to CRM immediately, your subscription begins as soon as we begin design. That’s as close as we come to an implementation or setup fee.

  • Do I have to pay for a whole year up front?

    SYNACT offers flexible payment plans. You may pay on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, by check, credit card, wire transfer, or ACH debit. Note that some electronic payment methods may require an additional fee.

  • Since all of my data will be housed in your partner-hosted environment, who owns the data at the end of the contract?

    You have full, unfettered access to your data at all times during and after the contract. Data may be exported from CRM into .csv file format.

  • My organization is already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, on-premise. Can we transition to SYNACT's service program?

    Of course! SYNACT has assisted several organizations in their transition from on-premise CRM to SYNACT’s partner-hosted environment. We can even upgrade you to the latest version!

  • Can I add users to my subscription as necessary?

    Yes. We’ll write the subscription agreement for a minimum number of users. Beyond that minimum, you can add and remove users as often as necessary.


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