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An All-Inclusive Service Model Changes the Software Game

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

There’s so much competition in the business software industry, with many great vendors to choose from. The functions and capabilities play a large role in your decision, but how do you choose when features seem so similar?

A demo may give you an idea of the look and feel, and a proposal will give you an idea of the cost… or will it? With all things equal on the functionality side, price is another matter altogether. And, perhaps even more important than the software itself, the partner you choose to help you implement will make a world of difference in your experience.

It’s not what we do, but how we do it

SYNACT offers a unique-to-the-industry, all-inclusive service model that addresses key challenges to a successful software implementation. Read some insights below as to how SYNACT’s all-inclusive business model is revolutionizing the way companies implement software:

The time & materials model can leave you paying more for a system that doesn’t meet your business needs, or worse, unsure of how to use it!

Traditionally, implementing custom software has required an up-front investment for initial design and build, then an hourly rate for additional customizations, training, and the support required to make it a success. Vendors were quick to quote a price for the design and build phase, knowing iterative customizations and the roll-out phase would be a big question mark. Either way, the time and materials model couldn’t go wrong for the vendor, who makes money in both steps of the process. For customers, this pricing strategy made the total cost of ownership unpredictable. That unpredictability could leave you way over budget, or worse, with software that falls short of expectations.

Furthermore, the lack of training and support for your new system could lead to user adoption struggles, inadequate functionality, or worse yet, total software abandonment. Paying by the hour for the customizations necessary for your success can leave your software clunky and disconnected. SYNACT offers an all-inclusive service model that remedies this age-old conflict by charging a fixed investment per user on a monthly basis; the training, support, and customizations are all included. Because the customizations and support come at our expense (rather than billing you by the hour), you can rest assured that the planning, design, and support offered are mutually beneficial for our company and yours in a zero-conflict synergy. Our success is dependent on yours. This strategy applies upfront and over time. So as your business, your requirements, or your personnel change, your software can be just as dynamic.

Over time, custom business software becomes outdated and incompatible with related programs and hardware

Given the rapid pace of technology today, your homegrown, on-premise software may be stuck in the stone age, leaving you with inefficiencies, frustrations, and a struggle to find an expert that can adapt and integrate external applications. It also means you’ll likely have to repeat the process again and again over time.

SYNACT deploys cloud-based business applications from Microsoft, so you always have the latest version, up-to-date with the latest releases, and the support to make it work. As the broad world of technology changes, so does your software, and you’ll need a partner to ensure its success. If you have aging programs and systems, consider the Microsoft 365 ecosystem of applications that can manage all business operations within a cohesive architecture. All the cloud apps from Microsoft are always up to date and easy to install, and you can eliminate many of the compatibility issues that accompany a stand-alone or on-premise system. In addition, these cloud apps are accessible for an increasingly on-the-go workforce from smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Digitally transform your business with Dynamics 365

The pairing of SYNACT’s all-inclusive business model with Microsoft Dynamics 365 disrupts the time-and-materials business model traditionally leveraged in the industry. D365 is a modern, unified, intelligent, and adaptable solution that works seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 applications and can integrate with your existing systems, so your organization gets exactly what it needs to grow. At SYNACT, we believe software should be zero-conflict and predictable as a business expense. Plus, we believe your trusted partner should have some skin in the game to ensure it’s a success. If your software vendor is unable to tell you what your cost will be for implementation AND long-term evolution and support, you might find SYNACT’s model a refreshing alternative.

Innovation is an infinite destination and SYNACT wants to help you get there.


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