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Cloning Microsoft Dynamics 365 Records With Just One Click!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the industry standout business applications for managing and nurturing customer relationships. It paves a smooth path for business organizations to engage effectively with customers and create new business opportunities. But, sometimes CRM’s daily tasks – like repetitive data entry – can eat into your quality time with customers.

At SYNACT, we’ve partnered with Inogic to overcome this common hurdle to CRM adoption!

But, what does this Microsoft Preferred App actually do?

With Click2Clone, you can clone records in Dynamics 365. Out of the box, it’s pretty easy to write a workflow that will copy a single record. But when that record has related records – like product line items – workflow just won’t cut it. When customers have situations where lots of similar records need to be created, we leverage Click2Clone, to make an exact copy of the Dynamics 365 record. By creating a template for each type of cloning exercise, even replicating a record with 100+ line items is a breeze.

Just how easy is it? To create a copy of any out of the box or custom record in Dynamics 365, open the record that you need to clone and click on the Click2Clone button. Within no time, the record and any subordinate records you deem necessary, are replicated. The process can also be automated through workflow, with a trigger event.

You can also clone multiple records at once. To clone several records simultaneously, select the records from the view and click on the Click2Clone button. All the selected records are cloned, thereby helping you to finish your half a day’s work in a few seconds.

You can even choose the number of copies to create! If you need multiple clones from a single record, there is no need to repeat the process again and again. Just enter the number of desired copies on the pop-up and click OK.

What if you want to copy data from one record type to another? Let’s say you want to copy some attributes from an opportunity to an order. You’ll just set the template, map the fields you want to copy, go to the source record from which you want to copy, and click on the Click2Clone button. Within seconds, a new order will be created with the selected attributes from the opportunity.

Want to copy data from one existing record to another, but don’t want to create a duplicate? Sometimes, you’ll want to add the same line items from one record to another existing record without creating a duplicate copy of the record. Go to the target record in which you need to add the line items, click on Get Records and select the source record. In no time at all, you’ve copied your line items to an existing record.

With all these remarkable features you can bid goodbye to the daily annoyance of repetitive data entry which often results in –

  • Inaccurate data

  • Loss of time and effort

  • Unnecessary operational costs

If this solution sounds like a fit for your organization, don’t wait! Reach out to your partners at SYNACT. We’ll help you implement this amazing app for your Dynamics 365 platform and eliminate your repetitive data entry woes! You can also checkout Microsoft AppSource and learn more about Inogic’s 15+ Productivity Apps for Dynamics 365, like Click2Export & Click2Undo.

Discover how Click2Clone can make your business more efficient. For more information, connect with SYNACT today.


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