Digitally Transform Your Business with Dynamics 365

Accelerate your business growth with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 by harnessing the power “One Microsoft.” This all-in-one business management solution is helping organizations engage customers and employees, optimize operations and find new ways to deliver value to customers. Empower your marketing, sales, and service professionals to deliver personalized experiences at scale with SYNACT’s unique-to-the-industry, all-inclusive pricing model.


Why Dynamics?


The effectiveness of business software is less about strength in numbers and more about strength in togetherness. Microsoft is unique in its ability to offer a single ecosystem within which hundreds of tools break down barriers in business, enabling you to work together in an entirely new way. Switching back and forth between fragmented, stand-alone solutions often required duplicate data entry, redundant workflows and other time wasters.

The Dynamics 365 suite of applications work seamlessly together to manage specific business processes across, sales, customer service, operations, project management, marketing & more.

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Why SaaS?


Many businesses aren’t interested in managing the IT infrastructure required to implement CRM. Many others are looking for a way to ensure timely upgrades and affordable tweaks to their CRM platform, especially as their business needs change. And, all businesses are concerned about the up-front and ongoing budget requirements of implementing and supporting fully-customized CRM.

SYNACT offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model. Your team can customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 according to your business requirements, complete with data migration, reporting, training, and ongoing support. Email us to learn more about the unparalleled service we can provide for you and your team.




We don’t sell software and run; we implement custom solutions to meet your constantly evolving business needs. Our all-inclusive pricing model means you’ll have the support and expertise to maximize adoption and long-term success. We’ll continuously work to make our solution the right tool to drive your company’s growth.

We don’t take orders. We don’t rely on you to tell us how to configure and customize the platform. Instead, we become intimately involved with you and your team to map out key internal processes so we can best determine how to track and automate the most important elements of your business.

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We ask the tough questions about your business because CRM isn’t about fields on a form; it’s about creating sustainable revenue growth.


We offer unlimited training, facilitated by real people, who adjust to different learning styles.


Your needs will change. Your team will change. Technology will change. We support you every step of the way, and it’s all included in your subscription.


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Expert, Modular Design

See the information you need, presented as you need it. After a discovery and planning process, we customize the fields, forms, reports, dashboards, and workflows to help you get the most out of your CRM solution. Learn more today.


"SYNACT has come to understand our firm, its needs and opportunities so well that we can’t imagine our quest for excellence without them by our side. Their unique, innovative and client-centric focus in this ever-changing world of technology supports us in delivering our own unique value to our clients and employees. SYNACT has forever changed what we do, how and why we do it. Innovation is an infinite destination…SYNACT is how we get there. "

Melissa Wallace, TYS LLP

Our Clients

Acurlite leverages the power of CRM's sales automation tool to manage skylight estimates, then tracks the production of skylights from engineering to delivery.

ESUI worked with SYNACT to develop a custom payment tracking tool within CRM to better manage the profitability of their lighting projects.

To round out D365's comprehensive sales app, Integron needed to automate use of an Excel-based forecasting tool. SYNACT built a custom web app that allows users to export core data to Excel for modeling, then reimport to D365 without saving files locally, all by clicking a single button. Data is then displayed in D365 using dashboards.

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