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Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the CRM industry's best practices in marketing, sales, and service with Microsoft's distinctive familiarity and functionality, including full integration with Outlook and Office 365. SYNACT offers dependable, scalable support for the life of our relationship with you because we understand your need to focus on core business objectives.


Why CRM?


Every business needs to manage customer relationships. CRM through Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports the three basic steps necessary in any business model: finding, enhancing, and retaining relationships. Attracting a customer is one thing; cultivating their loyalty is another. To do both, you must understand your relationships intimately. Knowledge is power and CRM delivers.

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Why SaaS?


Many businesses aren’t interested in managing the IT infrastructure required to implement CRM. Many others are looking for a way to ensure timely upgrades and affordable tweaks to their CRM platform, especially as their business needs change. And, all businesses are concerned about the up-front and ongoing budget requirements of implementing and supporting fully-customized CRM.

SYNACT offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model. For little more than the monthly cost of each user’s cell phone, your team can customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 according to your business requirements, complete with data migration, reporting, training, and ongoing support. Email us to learn more about the unparalleled service we can provide for you and your team.




We don’t sell software. We innovate solutions that evolve as your business needs change. CRM’s effectiveness depends on a deep knowledge of the activities that drive your business, whether in sales, customer service, or operations. We sleuth out those essential activities to ensure that CRM is automating processes when possible and supporting people when necessary.

We don’t take orders. We don’t rely on you to tell us how to configure and customize the platform. Instead, we become intimately involved with you and your team to map out key internal processes so we can best determine how to track and automate the most important elements of your business.

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We ask the tough questions about your business because CRM isn’t about fields on a form; it’s about creating sustainable revenue growth.


We offer unlimited training, facilitated by real people, who adjust to different learning styles.


Your needs will change. Your team will change. Technology will change. We support you every step of the way, and it’s all included in your subscription.


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Expert, Modular Design

See the information you need, presented as you need it. After a discovery and planning process, we customize the fields, forms, reports, dashboards, and workflows to help you get the most out of your CRM solution. Learn more today.


"The SYNACT team continues to be a true asset to The Greater Rochester Brides & Groom's overall growth. We historically used a few other customer management systems, but settled with a long term commitment with SYNACT. This was an easy decision when we saw the level of service and dedication their team would invest. SYNACT doesn't simply sell you a database program. They provide service on a personal level, throughout the tenure of your relationship. The team is always up for a face-to-face conversation to explain a process, offer new ways to use the database to help grow our business, and answer any questions that we may have."

Michelle Nacca, Greater Rochester Brides & Grooms

Our Clients

Acurlite leverages the power of CRM's sales automation tool to manage skylight estimates, then tracks the production of skylights from engineering to delivery.

CI's relationships are constantly changing as clients move from company to company within the industry. CRM helps the sales team document these transitions with connections to past and present employers.

ESUI worked with SYNACT to develop a custom payment tracking tool within CRM to better manage the profitability of their lighting projects.

Applied Energy leverages an international dealer network to sell their industrial battery chargers. CRM offers a centralized location in which they record the history of those essential relationships.

In addition to traditional CRM toolsets, this regional commercial bank manages key business processes, including referrals, credit approvals, and financial reporting collection.

... and you?