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The Technology We're Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Could you imagine the pandemic without Netflix, the internet or, even more importantly these days, video calls? Just take a moment to be thankful for all the technology that connected us when we’re miles apart.

Not only did this technology significantly help us in our personal lives, but it made a deep impact in businesses everywhere, especially at SYNACT.

Here are some of our favorite technologies that our team is grateful for this Thanksgiving.

1. Power Automate

Power Automate is a tool that is becoming more and more popular. Formerly Microsoft Flow, it’s an online tool within the Microsoft 365 applications and add-ins, used for the creation of automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, and collect data.

“I love the amount of time I spend performing repetitive, mundane everyday tasks,” says no one ever. With Microsoft’s Power Automate, I can create a standardized process, automate it, and then focus my attention on what I need the most. Power Automate also includes a library of connectors that I can use to share data between a range of applications.”

-Courtney, Business Application Specialist

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams continues to grow as one of the top collaboration and productivity tools available for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Teams is built on top of Microsoft 365, making integration with all its applications seamless. Additionally, many 3rd party applications can be accessed when in Teams, meaning your business can continue running smoothly with everything in one place.

“Teams has been a game-changer for connecting with those in my personal life to efficiently collaborating with my SYNACT team. Microsoft has truly created a product that enables people to be connected and productive no matter where they physically reside. It is your hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365. All your conversations, files, meetings, and apps live together in a single shared workspace, and you can take it with you on your favorite mobile device.

-Jordyn, Marketing Director

3. Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice makes it easy for small and medium organizations to turn Microsoft Teams into a powerful and flexible telephone system. It fully replaces traditional telephony providers and in-house phone systems that can be difficult and costly to manage.

“Business Voice allows me to make and receive calls via my laptop computer without separate telephone, whether I'm working from home or the office. Plus, the app on my mobile phone ensures I'll never miss a call!”

-Jason, Sales Development Specialist

4. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent business applications that helps you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights.

“As a business owner, it’s essential that I keep my thumb on the pulse of what’s happening in the organization. With Dynamics 365, I can watch progress and performance in real-time. With a quick glance at my dashboards, I can efficiently identify those areas that need my immediate attention, even when my team isn’t in the office.”

-Sarah C., SYNACT President

5. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an anchor app within the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. The tool organizes your emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and to-do lists, all in one place. Regardless of your platform or device, you can log in and access a robust productivity solution no matter where you are.

“Outlook is a very robust tool that is especially helpful remote workers, like myself, who need to stay secure, organized & connected with the rest of the organization. Since all of the Microsoft tools seamlessly integrate with one another, I have even been able to view & access my Outlook calendar right from Microsoft Teams, reducing the number of clicks and windows I have open on my computer.”

-Leah & Jessamyn, Business Application Support Specialists

6. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To Do is a task management app that helps you stay organized, be productive, and get more time for yourself. With Microsoft To Do, you can easily create to-do lists, set reminders, and collaborate with friends and colleagues.

“I love making lists and with To Do, I can make my lists and have a list of all of my Tasks from Outlook and Dynamics 365 consolidated into one place. The sound To Do makes when you mark something off your list is really satisfying too!”

-Sarah S., Director of Service Delivery


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