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Technology Is Changing…Is Your Business Changing with It?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Are you still relying on spreadsheets and yellow legal pads to track sales, organize, store and access customer data, and even manage your production process? If so, you are missing out on the chance to implement tools that will push your manufacturing company to the next level.

Customized CRMs, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, allow you to build a competitive weapon, providing your team with a solution that both simplifies and automates the work they are already doing. SYNACT has worked with several manufacturers right here in Rochester to develop solutions that often fall outside the scope of traditional CRM. We’ve leveraged the native power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to configure mission-critical solutions without custom code or plugins:


With the ability to leverage custom entities, calculated fields, and stored data tables, we created a custom pricing model to account for hundreds of variables. Once the pricing is finalized, users can send an editable quote directly to Microsoft Word that includes all the relevant quote details from the pricing model.

Project Management

With Microsoft Dynamics 365’s custom workflow toolset, we were able to define required activities for engineering and production teams, assign due dates, and reschedule as necessary based on availability of resources or materials. By reviewing their dashboards, the management team has real-time insight into current lead times and potential overtime requirements.

Time Tracking

For manufacturers who bill by the hour for production, installation, and service, or even for those companies who want to track profitability based on labor, we’ve used D365 to build out easy-to-use time tracking for team members across the organization. By understanding total time spent, manufacturers can ensure accurate quoting in the future.

If your manufacturing company is at all unique, why find a generic solution to fit your business when you can have a fully-customized tool at a comparable cost? At SYNACT, we provide these customized solutions. It’s what we’re great at, and we’d love to help you leverage CRM as a tool to solve your critical business challenges. Watch the video below for a few more examples of how we might help.

The SYNACT team helps small- and medium-sized businesses implement CRM in a zero-conflict, all-inclusive service model. If you are interested in learning how SYNACT can help your organization adopt the solutions you need to ensure the quality of your customer’s journey, get in touch by emailing Jordyn Woods at or click here.


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