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Show Your Team Some Love This Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is best known as a romantic holiday for celebrating sweethearts, it can also be a fun time to recognize those on your team for their hard work and dedication. No matter the size of your staff or budget, there are many ways you can show your team love and appreciation in ways that fit within your company culture.

People who feel appreciated are more satisfied, more engaged, and often willing to go above and beyond to help your company succeed.

Here are 7 ways to show your team some love this week, whether they are in-office or working remote:

1. Give the gift of time

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, it’s no secret that what team members want the most is extra time to spend with their loved ones. Make that wish come true by allowing your team members to check out of work a few hours early or take a long lunch to celebrate the day.

2. Give the gift of gear

Create a culture of employee appreciation by gifting some fun swag to your team. Drinkware with your logo, a t-shirt, or a branded pop socket will leave your employees feeling appreciated and more connected with your company. Not only will they love the gesture, but swag helps tie your brand to your employees, furthering your company’s reach. Not sure where to get swag? Call our friends at Imprintable Solutions for awesome product in no time!

3. Recognize great work

Remind your team that Valentine’s Day is a great day to share their appreciation with colleagues. By recognizing them publicly through a company newsletter, employee of the month program, or in a weekly meeting, employees will feel valued. Consider using an application like Microsoft Teams to energize your staff by offering kudos and recognition in real time. Instant recognition goes a long way in keeping your employees motivated and striving for excellence.

4. Host a virtual event

Leverage tools like Microsoft Teams to have some fun right at home. Some fun ideas include:

  1. Wine and paint night

  2. Online cooking classes

  3. Cupcake decorating

  4. Trivia or other games

5. Set up a virtual appreciation board

Acts of kindness towards your colleagues will make their day. Create a space online whether it's within your chat collaboration tool or a 3rd party app, and spread some virtual appreciation. Your team will feel rewarded and inspired when colleagues take the special effort to let them know how they are feeling.

6. Spread the love in your community

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to show love to your special ones, and also to people in need. Get involved with a local charity to spread the kindness! Have employees vote on a charity for the business to make a generous donation or think outside the (chocolate) box and spend an hour making Valentine’s Day cards to send out to those that could use a pick-me-up.

7. Send or hand-out goodie bags

Whether it’s a bag filled with a delicious treats or a pack of Chapsticks with a note saying “you’re the balm,” employees will love that you remembered them. Want to go a step further? Go all out on the pink, red, and heart-shaped items. Cards are easy to find at your local dollar stores and supercenters. You can also create e-cards right from home to send to your team. It’s is a quick and easy form of peer recognition. This is a great option that’s generally low in cost but something everyone will appreciate.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated— so why not use holidays, like Valentine's Day to show those in your workplace how you feel? From a simple ”thank you” to a virtual activity, there are many ways to show your staff appreciation regardless of budget.

Make this Valentine’s Day one that your team will remember and look forward to next year!


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