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Make the Cloud Your New Best Friend

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Interested in offering better work-life harmony options to your employees, while increasing profits? “The Cloud” is emerging as the new normal for businesses everywhere… but what is it and how will it benefit you?

The Cloud is a venue for transforming your business.

Many organizations are realizing great benefits by migrating to the Cloud. The Cloud enables teams to finish work faster, from anywhere, with unparalleled security. The best part? The Cloud is democratizing technology by making enterprise-level IT solutions affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Where complex business software was once purchased with large six-figure checks, the typical Cloud-based subscription to tools like email, data storage, CRM, and collaboration tools can cost as little as a few dollars a month. Knowing all this, why wouldn’t you consider a move to the Cloud?

If you’re still unsure, we hope the benefits below will convince you to pull the trigger.

Anytime Access

1. Revising a vital proposal on the fly can be nearly impossible if you have to login through VPN, download the latest version of the document, and edit from there. Even finding a customer’s contact info can be a traumatic experience! With Cloud-based tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can keep the pulse on your business. Business leaders gain insights on daily activities and key performance indicators through custom dashboards. Team members use their mobile phone or tablet to engage with co-workers around the world. This increased access to information enhances employee performance and ensures collaboration across the organization.

2. Moving to the Cloud gives employees around-the-clock accessibility without having to worry about remotely accessing an on-premise server. Cloud access is more convenient, but also simplifies operations by letting your employees do their jobs from anywhere, on any device. With increased efficiency, your team can take your business to another level of performance.

3. Creating a custom mobile app for your business has long been dependent on having the money to hire professional developers. But, with Microsoft’s Common Data Service and PowerApps, citizen developers can leverage low-code and no-code tools to build a unique app, customized for your unique business need. Plus, in the Microsoft cloud, mobile and web apps share common data storage, making it easy to build connections.

Automatic Software Updates

With more frequent, automatic updates, it’s easy to stay current with the latest in functionality, performance, intelligence, and extensibility, making it easy to maximize the value of your investment.

When you move your mission-critical business tools to the cloud, software updates happen behind the scenes, so you can rest easy, knowing your system is always up-to-date with the latest innovations and security patches!

Never again struggle to use an essential business app because you’re on an antiquated version of Microsoft Word!


Nervous about security in the Cloud? Don't be. Microsoft, in particular, provides layers and layers of security beyond what you can manage internally. And, unlike some other cloud providers, Microsoft never shares data with others. SYNACT knows how critical data security and privacy are to your business. By keeping your IT on-premise, you could be putting your business at a higher risk for security breaches. By switching to the Cloud, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility to access and use your business information everywhere you go – without sacrificing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe and secure.

The Cloud delivers end-to-end protection with insights into global cyberthreats and capabilities that you can’t provide yourself in your office closet.

• Microsoft invests over $1 billion each year on security. Your company cannot match Microsoft’s cloud security resources.

• Microsoft analyzes data from more than 300 billion user authentications per month, 1 billion Windows devices, and 200 billion emails for spam and malware. Microsoft’s global cyber footprint provides unique intelligence on the current threat landscape to help protect you from the latest security threats.

Simple, More Advanced Integrations

By moving to the Cloud, you can more easily integrate various applications, making it easier to adapt your technology to changing business needs. The Cloud will help you reduce complexity without asking you to sacrifice growth.

For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects seamlessly to other apps in the Microsoft ecosystem, like PowerBI, SharePoint, Teams, and Office 365. And, since Microsoft has long been the most pervasive provider of business software for decades, even applications outside the stack offer easy plugins to Microsoft 365. Leveraging these advanced integrations can help you optimize your business processes, all while breaking down barriers between the programs you use every day.

At SYNACT, our all-inclusive service model ensures your team can reach out whenever needed, at no additional charge. Our service delivery team is at the ready anytime problems arise, but we also provide ongoing configuration support, write reports as needed, and provide unlimited, one-on-one, live training. Everyone learns differently, and SYNACT believes user-specific training is the keystone to creating confident users! If you are interested in learning how SYNACT can help your organization adopt the solutions you need to ensure the quality of your customer’s journey, get in touch by emailing Jordyn Woods at or click here.


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