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How Leveraging a Virtual Workforce Can Increase Business Productivity

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The workplace is evolving rapidly, and employees have modern expectations for work and how they want to get it done in 2019.

Business leaders everywhere are embracing this evolution by supporting a new culture of work with a few strategic tactics:

1. Flexibility to work from wherever, whenever

2. Collaboration in real time

3. Ready access to files and data

But how do you provide a virtual workplace and maintain employee productivity? Let’s dive a bit deeper into some of the ways your team can benefit by working remotely and see if this way of work could affect your business in a positive way.

Enhance Productivity & Flexibility

Doing away with the daily commute can save hours every day, giving employees more time to get work completed and less stress impacting their productivity. In fact, employee productivity increases by 22% on average, when workers have the capability to work in a flexible modern workplace. Having that kind of flexibility even reduces employee turnover by half. Stress is often attributed to imbalance in a work-life pattern. Working in a virtual office gives employees the harmony they need to spend time with those they care about. This ends up creating happier team members, making them even more motivated and enthusiastic to work.

Virtual Collaboration in Real Time

Collaboration is critical. Employees are beginning to access more through mobile, working on various devices and at different locations, so they want easy access to data and the option of working flexibly in virtual teams. With the help of Microsoft technologies such as OneNote, Dynamics 365, & Teams, our productivity at SYNACT has been booming! What used to seem impossible Microsoft has made simpler than ever. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based solution in the communication and collaboration realm. This solution provides a modern workspace that your employees can use across devices and at any location. Applications like this “one-stop-shop” give employees a central location to access everything they need to collaborate efficiently.

Ready Access to Files and Data

The Cloud gives employees around-the-clock accessibility without having to worry about remoting into a server. Not only is this option the most convenient, but it simplifies your operations by letting your employees having always-on access to files and data, on any device, allowing you to take your business to another level of performance, efficiency, and agility. If you quickly need to find a customer’s contact information, or even need to revise a vital proposal, the cloud makes doing that virtually a simple task. Businesses continue to evolve in step with a workforce that prioritizes work-life harmony and expects access, flexibility, and technology that will not only contribute to personal growth but enable employees to change the world.


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