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Glancing Back at 2020: Customer Spotlights

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

2020 was a year filled with challenges, but it brought many digital opportunities to businesses everywhere. Today, we will be highlighting and applauding four of our very own customers on their accomplishments with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

D365 Opportunity Knocks Award: DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc.

DeCarolis provides businesses with the right truck for their needs. For 80 years, they have served thousands of businesses across Upstate New York. They take great pride in their history and know that continued success is built upon our long-standing integrity, the values of a family-owned business, and the skills of our dedicated employees.

D365 Linchpin: Hannah Dunlap - U.S. Energy Development Corporation

Established in 1980, U.S. Energy is an exploration & production (E&P) operating company which designs and manages direct investment opportunities for accredited investors and institutional partners.

D365 Data Diva: Melissa Wallace - TYS, LLP

TYS LLP is an established accounting firm that provides our clients a competitive advantage for their business. Above and beyond standard accounting, they serve as trusted advisors—taking a personal stake in their clients’ success.

Rochester Economic Development Corporation (REDCO) purpose is to drive community-based economic development that increases wealth in every part of the City. REDCO is a 501(c)3 non-profit with its own board and dedicated staff. REDCO's focus is neighborhood economic development and supporting emerging local city entrepreneurs.


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