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Close More Deals with CRM

What if we told you that there was a solution out there today that could improve your productivity, which in turn, can help you to achieve your sales goals, and generate maximum return on your investments?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions play a vital role in organizations today. Ultimately, when businesses rely heavily on developing and sustaining relationships, a well-adopted CRM provides easy access to information, opportunities for automation, and advanced insights, enabling your team to close more deals and make more money.

Find Promising Leads Faster

How many of you have wasted time contacting hundreds of dead leads? If you are still depending on cold outreach to generate sales, it is time you jump into a CRM solution with both feet.

CRM provides lead information at your fingertips, eliminating time spent on searching for a qualified lead, and more time focusing on those that look promising.

Find a CRM that tracks your unique qualification criteria, follows social media interactions, and measures engagement. Use CRM to develop a better understanding of your prospect’s need, the potential value, and readiness to buy.

Automate Key Follow-Up

For the individual sales rep, CRM’s ability to automate important activities and facilitate the sales process can be a game-changer—- especially for reps looking to close more, bigger deals in less time.

With the help of CRM, your team can build your proven sales process into the technology, pushing every deal through the same steps you know ensure success. Understanding where the process soars, and where it falls flat, will give your team an enormous competitive advantage, creating quicker end results. With the help of CRM’s automation functionality, you can execute timely follow-ups to promising leads and opportunities, making your sales cycle shorter and more efficient. After all, timing can make all the difference when reaching out to your prospects. Implementing a CRM solution with automation helps salespeople reach intended goals and maintain happy customers. Because at the end of the day, who in sales doesn’t want to make more money?

Gain Relevant Insights

In the age of big data, potentially valuable information is all around us but translating it into actionable intelligence can be challenging. Artificial intelligence is more accessible than ever and could be your key strategic sales advantage this year. Imagine knowing which customers are most likely to buy so you can spend time more efficiently. Or gain a holistic view of customers so that each interaction is directed toward their specific needs. This puts you in a position to deliver the most value, and therefore more likely to make a sale or keep a customer.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you have the ability to easily configure the program to fit your specific sales process, and if those change over time as you grow, you can easily change course!

Implementing a CRM not only increases customer satisfaction, but also employee engagement. Arm your sales professionals with valuable information, including qualified prospect data and company goals, all in an easy-to-use format with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This CRM solution will assist your sales reps in increasing their numbers and keeping on track.

The SYNACT team helps small- and medium-sized businesses implement CRM in a zero-conflict, all-inclusive service model. If you are interested in learning how SYNACT can help your organization adopt the solutions you need to ensure the quality of your customer’s journey, get in touch by emailing Jordyn Woods at or click here.


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