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A Breakup Letter To My CRM

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

If you’re unhappy with your CRM, why are you still holding on? You know you deserve better. But we get it – breaking up isn't easy, which is why we've drafted a letter to help make the process easier.

Dear Antiquated System,

It’s been quite the ride. We were young and dumb enough to think we could wing it. And it worked…for a while. You may see it, or you may not, but our experiences together early on have taught me a lot. I’m just not sure you’re keeping up with my pace anymore.

So many times, you were there to keep my thoughts organized and actions consistent, but responsibilities kept piling on. You just never seemed ready to take on any yourself, so you kept doing what you did, and I kept expanding into bigger and better things.

Why couldn’t you change, adapt to my needs? Why did you have to be so rudimentary and rigid?

I understand and accept you for what you are, it’s ok. You’ll always have a special place in my story and it will be fun to reminisce. I’m complicated, I know and accept this, but that’s the price you pay when you’re filled with ambition and the dream of building a legacy.

I need to go places and do things I simply don’t think you’re capable of handling, so I’m moving on… moving on with something that is better equipped to understand my complex needs. Something that’s quick to adapt, even predict my next move, something to redirect me when I veer off track or simply need to pivot.

At the same time, I need something simple, self-sufficient and resilient, because I’m going to keep growing and expanding.

I hope you can understand my new path.

I’m sure you’ll find another young entrepreneur that is at the start of something new, or someone looking to maintain the status quo, desperate for something that covers the bare necessities but doesn’t offer advanced customizations and functionality that are positioned to drive real growth.

I’ll always remember the good times, and cherish the bad ones, because success is all about learning.

Forever on your server,



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