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Dear Santa: 5 Reasons D365 is on My Wishlist

The holiday season has officially arrived. As 2021 comes to an end, we have a lot to be thankful for in the world of digital transformation.

In this post, we will share the Microsoft Dynamics 365 features that make it the software that keeps on giving.

1. The Microsoft Cloud

The cloud is the “new normal” for businesses large and small, transforming IT environments and improving user experience across industries. Companies currently using on-premise Dynamics 365 are clamoring to migrate to the cloud and transition to the Unified Interface – Microsoft’s device agnostic user experience. Using Dynamics in the cloud opens doors to new features and a vastly more sophisticated platform, making it feel like Christmas all year long. Interested in learning about how all the bells and whistles will improve your business results? Let's chat!

2. A Single Ecosystem

Dynamics 365’s native integration with Office 365 and the rest of the Microsoft suite allows teams to manage customer relationships easily and intuitively, closing deals using everyday tools. There are strong links between Dynamics 365 and Outlook, enabling easy tracking of contacts, emails and activities. Together, with Microsoft’s other business productivity tools, this connection makes your business more efficient. Dynamics 365 is a powerful platform on its own, but leveraging the functionality in combination with other Microsoft apps increases the benefits tenfold. Capitalizing on the single ecosystem will bring your organization’s productivity to another level.

Plus, integrate with your existing systems: Your business management solution shouldn’t have to function in isolation from your other business platforms. With the power of the Cloud, straightforward two-way data updates to and from Dynamics 365 can be created, harnessing the power of your existing systems and boosting the effectiveness of your Dynamics.

3. Mobility

The new age of business productivity mandates accessibility on the go. Microsoft has created mobile applications that work the way we do – from our phones, tablets, even watches. The new Unified Interface was named so because it provides the exact same experience whether viewed from a web browser or through a mobile device. The look and feel along with all the features and functionality are available on your tablet or phone. Colors, layouts and content have been optimized to reduce scrolling, and make information more presentable. Those that are constantly on the move can now leverage this tool during a client meeting to take notes, enter follow-up reminders, or track content, leads and prospects seamlessly through a mobile friendly interface.

4. Customization & Automation

The way your company sells, delivers and supports your customers is unique, so why use an “out-of-the-box” solution when “one size fits all” no longer fits all? Given the number of software platforms available these days, an off-the-shelf system may seem like your cheapest, easiest option. As it turns out, these solutions only force you to adjust the way you do business to meet the status quo, often leading to inefficiency and unhappy users. With a customizable solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies are able to create workflows that mirror the way they do business, all while using it to their competitive advantage.

5. Easy Adoption

Changing software solutions can be a long, difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be! Microsoft’s user interfaces across platforms are clean, user-friendly, and familiar. So, whether you’re checking your email or adding dollars to the pipeline, the screens are intuitively designed for easy data entry.

At the end of the day, the success of your D365 implementation greatly depends on user comfort. At SYNACT, our all-inclusive service model streamlines and simplifies the overall user experience with a focus on improving user adoption, productivity, and satisfaction. We ensure your team can reach out whenever needed, at no additional charge. Our service delivery team is at the ready anytime problems arise, but we also provide ongoing design and configuration support, write reports as needed, and provide unlimited, one-on-one, live training.

Everyone learns differently, and SYNACT believes user-specific training is the keystone to creating confident users! It’s like a Christmas gift with little assembly required, no batteries to install, and a direct line to a tech support rep to answer any questions.

So, will Microsoft Dynamics 365 be on your team’s wish list this year?


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