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Sarah Compter



[2018-10-10] Compter Sarah Headshot Phot

Sarah Compter is the President at SYNACT. Under Sarah’s leadership, SYNACT is disrupting the software industry’s traditional service model in favor of a program focused on results delivered, not hours spent. Sarah believes in an immersive, evolutionary approach to software development and takes pride in SYNACT’s collaborative approach to working with clients.
Sarah began her tenure with SYNACT in 2009. Within two years, she took on responsibilities for managing day-to-day operations. She has served as President since late 2016, when she bought SYNACT and re-headquartered in Rochester. Since then, she has grown the team from two to 11 and increased recurring revenue by 7x.


Season: Fall

Snack food: Spicy fried fava beans

Netflix series: The West Wing

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