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2018 Worldleaders Sales + Marketing CEO Conference

December 13, 2018
7:30 AM - 10:30 AM

The Strong National Museum of Play Auditorium (click for map)

CRM is the critical hub of your Lead Generation Organization! SYNACT will be at the event to provide expertise on how your CRM platform supports all of your sales and marketing initiatives.

TOPIC: What it takes for growth-oriented CEOs to penetrate new markets and win more sales in 2019

This conference is for CEOs, Presidents, Owners, and Founders of B2B companies who want to grow their company’s sales in 2019. You will learn about the sales and marketing strategies that must be taken to make your sales and marketing a competitive advantage and to win business from your competitors. You will leave with 5 actions you can immediately implement into your growth strategy for the upcoming year and will meet our network of experts who can help you execute your new strategy.

CEO Questions Covered

  • What should my sales and marketing strategy address?
  • Do I have the right team in place to execute this strategy?
  • Is my team reaching the right business level decision makers with the right message?
  • Is my team building an effective proposal?
  • Is our model designed to maximize the total lifetime value of a customer?
  • How do I implement my new growth strategy?

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