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To build a customized CRM tool that will track and automate your organization’s unique data and processes both reliably and effectively, you will need to find a partner to help you make the most out of your investment while maintaining a reasonable cost of ownership. Predicting your organization’s need for ongoing support can be challenging, so it is imperative that you partner with a dedicated professional services firm for the long haul. Without a trusted partner, your organization will quickly find itself with an outdated platform that doesn’t meet its needs.

In the world of IT services, “time and materials” contracts dominate the marketplace. While IT service providers certainly don’t intend to create conflicted customer relationships, an hourly rate can lead to your disappointment. You may want to use CRM to facilitate a key business process, but in a time and materials contract, you have to weigh the value of that streamlined process against the cost of its development. With SYNACT, your Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation grows in sophistication to meet your needs, without unexpected costs.

SYNACT offers fully-customized CRM through Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model. With this all-inclusive model, our customers utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365, complete with training and ongoing support, for a low monthly cost. Choosing to treat CRM as an operating expense, rather than a capital expenditure, eliminates the need for recurring budget approval as additional requirements arise.

Traditional software ownership

To meet your needs

​If your business model requires a more traditional “time and materials” contract for payment of professional services, we can accommodate that need, as well. You may have internal resources to support Microsoft Dynamics 365 long term, but require assistance during the development phase. Or, you might already utilize CRM, but need a Microsoft partner to help deploy new strategic processes. In these cases, paying SYNACT by the hour for professional services may be the best solution.


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