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Training & Support: The Keys to Software Success

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Implementing enterprise level software is a process, not an event, with several essential stages along the way.

You begin by defining your needs and objectives, researching and evaluating vendors and allocating budgets. Your chosen vendor then takes all they’ve learned to build your unique application. After migrating your data, the final step is launching your new and improved system to your team. But, before you start giving high-fives and pats on the back, know that the roll-out phase is not only the most challenging, but often where any flaws in the process emerge. One of the biggest reasons a new software fails is not because of the system itself, but because of low user adoption rates. A new system won’t work if no one uses it.

The Importance of Training & Support After Software Implementation

If you haven’t budgeted for training and support, you’re going to find this phase problematic. Regardless of what the salesperson may have told you, no system is perfect on day one, and your staff won’t be fluent from the onset. Questions, change requests, and tweaks to increase user friendliness are always part of the process. In the coming weeks and months, you’re likely to need a second phase of customizations, training, and support as you incorporate more sophisticated functions, reports, and automation. If your estimated hours for the build and design phase haven’t gone over budget already, it’s still likely your vendor has only offered a few hours of training and support for the initial launch. Vendors who charge by the hour will be happy to give you a quote, which adds revenue to their bottom line… not yours.

In a nutshell, software is ever-evolving and should always be part of a continuous improvement plan. If ongoing customization, training, and support aren’t in your budget plans, your software will quickly grow obsolete, making your investment one of diminishing returns.

But what if there’s a better way?

Enter SYNACT’s all-inclusive pricing model, which brings an entirely new approach to the software industry’s bill-by-the-hour paradigm. What is all-inclusive? In short, we charge a simple fixed fee per user on a monthly basis, with nothing upfront to design, customize, and build your system, and nothing afterwards for the subsequent customizations, training, and support you need to make it a success. For this model to work, we need to dig deep into your processes and understand your business on a level not seen with other software vendors. We also need to ensure your team is well-trained, and the software itself is always adaptable to changes in your business. We don’t just sell software; we sell a mutually beneficial technology partnership where our success is directly tied to yours.


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