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Our Approach

Collaborative Design

Project planning and detail design sessions provide the framework for a successful implementation. These sessions involve proven methodologies designed to reduce project risk while maximizing the return on investment for the CRM initiative.

SYNACT’s approach includes interviews and design sessions with key stakeholders and the review of existing documents that describe processes or planning objectives. Initial interviews provide an overview of the current organization and framework, key issues, and critical success factors in meeting the needs of the future. SYNACT, interested in gaining input and perspective from all stakeholder groups in the organization, uses these interviews to form the basis for recommendations that facilitate adoption.

Strategic Process Modeling

As a business leader, your inbox is inundated with ways to increase sales. One email promises you’ll never cold call again, another divulges the secrets to “social selling,” and still others pitch apps to make even the most change-averse sales rep fall in line. But, tricks and technology are only useful when they are built on top of a measurable, repeatable sales process.

If you want to ensure consistency in your product, or in how you provide a service, you develop and mandate an internal process. In doing so, you begin to see how activities and behaviors impact outcomes with measurable results. But while most organizations wouldn’t hesitate to define a process on the manufacturing floor, they think of sales as an art form that can’t be taught or managed. But ALL core activities, including sales, need to drive internal processes that encourage customer engagement to ensure the financial results we want.

In SYNACT’s Sales Process Modeling Workshop, we tackle the role of sales in your organization’s strategic framework, defining the relationship between a proven, repeatable sales process model and achieving your financial goals. At a high level, we map out a sales process model specific to the way your organization sells, including typical stages and outcomes. We identify and share best practices for getting from one stage to another and brainstorm metrics to help your organization measure performance. Finally, we define how CRM will help your organization manage, repeat, and refine the sales process for continued success.

Adaptive Training Programs

We believe that training is the keystone of success in any CRM project. It is critical to user adoption and should reflect an ongoing effort. SYNACT makes available a variety of training methods, and we customize a training program to meet the specific needs of each customer. A number of options, which are typically combined to accommodate a variety of learning preferences, are outlined below:

  • Train The Trainer – SYNACT develops a training guide and provides onsite training for several company-designated trainers.
  • Onsite Training – Recommended for initial user training, SYNACT Trainers will lead one or more ½ day sessions.
  • Online Web-Based Training – Live, interactive training provided by SYNACT Trainers based on scheduled classes.
  • One x One Training – Live, interactive, web-based training provided by SYNACT Trainers based on individual need and availability.
  • Training Collateral – SYNACT provides custom user guides and quick reference guides.

All-Inclusive Support

SYNACT provides support for the duration of the hosting contract. This includes system administrator support for user issues, customizations, training for new employee system users, and other forms of support required to maintain a fully active system. While some customers prefer to designate “power users” through which all support requests are delivered, our model does allow for direct access to the SYNACT team by all users.

SYNACT’s zero-conflict service program includes all native customizations, data migration, reporting, training, and support for the life of the relationship — no exceptions.


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