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Donor & Volunteer Management Software

Are you
looking to...

— Grow your donor base while retaining existing donors?
— Analyze campaign effectiveness and measure ROI?
— Organize an ever-growing number of volunteers and events?
— Automate repetitive tasks and processes?
— Fill and track your donor pipeline across gift levels and development stages?
— Establish institutional memory in light of rotating board members and volunteers?

Long term partner

Of course you are! Let SYNACT help you achieve your fundraising goals with custom donor and volunteer management software. Your time and energy are stretched thin and you don’t need another project on your plate. SYNACT can provide a solution customized to your organization, not just the industry in general. What happens when your needs change, goals shift and volunteers rotate? You’ll want a partner who will keep your system updated and train your new users, without being nickel-and-dimed. SYNACT’s unique all-inclusive subscription model gives you a long-term partner who will help you achieve your goals, not just sell you software and run.

What is 'CRM'?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management software. ​In the For-Profit world, CRM started as a system to manage the sales process. But all aspects of a business can now benefit from a customized, automated, intuitive database, including marketing, customer service, employee management and recruiting.

In the Non-Profit world, your language is different, but the way you operate often isn’t. You manage personalized relationships with donors and volunteers, organize complex events, measure ROI for fundraising campaigns, and need to store, track, and manage critical information in an easily accessible format. A successful CRM solution makes your people more efficient, empowering them to accomplish their goals. On the rest of this website, when you see CRM, think donor and relationship management software.

OK, What's next?

For more information about SYNACT’s unique views on Donor & Relationship Management software (which we call CRM on the rest of the website), try these resources:

— An overview of CRM, the software we use, and SYNACT’s unique all-inclusive subscription model
— Our unique viewpoint on custom CRM implementations
— A pre-recorded webinar about CRM for Non-Profits
— Call or email Sarah for a personalized discussion of your organization’s needs and goals. We’ve helped many organizations make the most of their CRM investment. Reach out at (585) 545-4903 or


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