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08 Aug 2017

Why Your Sales Reps Love CRM

Picture this: your organization has a great CRM solution that everybody loves, including your sales reps. Why do your sales reps love your CRM? Because it’s a tool, not a task. CRM improves their life by making them more efficient, improving their performance and removing annoyances. How? Read on…

CRM enables sales reps to work more efficiently, eliminating wasted time

Thanks to your successful CRM solution, your sales reps keep all their important information in one location, rather than a combination of phone/paper/Excel/wherever, saving time and mental bandwidth. They don’t have to remember upcoming activities such as follow-up calls, sending proposals or providing literature. CRM automatically reminds them what they’ve committed to do at the time when they actually need to do it.

The entire sales team holds fewer meetings, because the information typically shared at meetings is readily available to anyone in CRM. More time is spent working instead of talking about working.

Sales reps don’t have to track down information from other departments to see where things stand. Sales reps are never caught off-guard because they have all the relevant information from customer service and operations right in CRM.

It’s easy for your sales reps to absorb and hand-off accounts, by simply re-assigning them in CRM.

CRM helps sales reps improve their performance

Sales reps can always see how they’re doing on commissions and quotas, and their managers are looking at the same information—everyone’s on the same page. When it’s time for performance reviews, sales reps can prepare ahead of time and don’t fear the unknown.

By analyzing historical data, CRM provides feedback to sales reps on their best sales strategies, customized to target segments or even specific prospects, resulting in more and higher value deals. Sales reps also have the freedom to run their own ad hoc reports, quickly answering their own questions.

Sales reps see how marketing efforts are connected with sales efforts. CRM gives them insight on how to complement and build upon current marketing efforts.

CRM links referral sources to leads/prospects/customers, so sales reps can identify their highest leverage contacts and use their entertainment budget more effectively.

Instead of meetings being an administrative nightmare, they’re spent on strategy and tactics, increasing your sales reps’ productivity.

CRM removes the annoying parts of a sales rep’s job

They don’t have to re-invent the wheel. CRM prompts your sales reps to perform the same steps every time, standardizing and often automating their processes.

It’s also flexible enough to handle each sales rep’s unique way of working instead of forcing them to work like everybody else. They can benefit from your company’s best practices while working they way they want to work.

CRM is available when and how they work, whether that’s on a desktop at the office, on their phone on the road, or on a tablet at home. Online or offline.

Expense reports, everyone’s favorite, are created automatically from information entered after each sales activity. There’s no more end-of-month expense report crunch.

And finally, once again, there are fewer sales meetings. What sales rep doesn’t want to hear that?