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17 Feb 2017

Webinar: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

SYNACT President Sarah Compter recently led a webinar covering Microsoft Dynamics 365’s commonly used CRM features and benefits. What follows is a brief outline of the webinar, but we highly recommend watching the video to see Dynamics in action. For more information about SYNACT’s unique viewpoint on successful CRM implementations, or to schedule a demonstration of CRM’s capabilities customized for your industry and company, please contact Sarah directly.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

  • A fully integrated Outlook add-in makes Dynamics as intuitive as email and calendar, reducing the learning curve for new users
  • Quickly shift information from email to CRM using embedded “Track” and “Convert” buttons

Web & Mobile Friendly

  • Consistent user interface and functionality across all browsers
  • Mobile apps for tablet and phone, both as part of Outlook or stand-alone


  • Delivers solutions for all business units, such as customer service, sales, marketing, human resources, and operations
  • Easily share information within and between teams


  • Default login screen personalized for each user, offering a quick view of key performance indicators and activities
  • Combination of charts, lists, and snapshots, customizable across users and functional groups
  • Provides a starting point for intuitively drilling down into specific data


  • Intuitive, customizable organization for viewing and adding data
  • Both quick and advanced search capabilities
  • Lists of most recent and most common tools dynamically update based on user experience


  • Manage static and dynamic marketing lists
  • Tie campaigns to financial and opportunity data for ROI essential calculations
  • Integrate external resources, such as email marketing, web forms, web traffic

Leads & Opportunities

  • Customizable scorecard for true ratings and better pipeline forecasting, with well-defined milestones
  • Track individual activities and progress
  • Integrated workflows help coach sales teams through the sales process

Accounts & Contacts

  • Primary record types offer 360 degree views of companies and individuals, with activity history, date and timestamped notes, and attachments
  • Quick access to related record types such as opportunities, cases, quotes, orders, billable hours, projects and more
  • Access driven by record ownership, with ability to share information with others


  • Entities, forms, fields, and views are built to reflect each company’s unique record types and data elements
  • Custom workflows automate business-critical processes to save time and ensure completion and accuracy