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19 Dec 2016

The CRM for Resistant Salespeople

If you ask, your sales team might tell you they aren’t interested in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. “Don’t bother me with software,” they’ll say. “I have my own system. It works. Just let me SELL.”

But the CRM industry has exploded in the last decade. Savvy business leaders will tell you CRM is essential for the strategic management of your business. So, if it’s so essential, why do salespeople resist it? All excuses can be attributed to one of two major factors:

1. CRM makes salespeople do work they DON’T need to do.

From a salesperson’s perspective, CRM requires data entry, reporting and accounting to superiors, and other tasks that keep them from doing their most important job – selling. Salespeople don’t want to spend hours learning how to use software, sharing their data, figuring out what tab to click on to add another contact, or creating reports to satisfy their supervisors’ need to micromanage. Anything that complicates the selling process limits their ability to contribute and their earning potential. Many salespeople will tell you they can get by with just a notebook and their smartphone.

2. CRM doesn’t help sales people with the work they DO need to do.

On the other hand, salespeople might need help mapping out meetings, or finding out whether the warehouse has shipped the order to the customer they’re about to call. They might want reminders to follow-up with pending proposals when they’re juggling so many day-to-day responsibilities. Salespeople want information about future trends, and information about customers that they can’t get anywhere else. And, they want all that information to be easily accessible. They want an edge that helps them close the sale.

Given these perspectives, you can hardly blame your sales team for resisting CRM. And frankly, most salespeople forced to use “off-the-shelf” CRM platforms suffer from both ailments.

There is a cure, though: customized CRM.

Of course, the idea of customized CRM seems out of reach for many small- and mid-sized business owners. While you know a customized CRM solution would give your sales staff that edge they need, who can afford it at $150 to $300 per hour? And, even the smallest job always seems to take twice as long as expected. By the time you pay for design, customization and configuration, data migration, training, not to mention ongoing support, you’ll be overwhelmed AND over budget.

Imagine a CRM that your salespeople have helped design… a CRM that integrates with the Microsoft Office suite… a CRM that works for both salespeople and customer service… it seems like a dream. (A very expensive dream!)

It’s not a dream, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Customized CRM can be your reality, now and as your circumstances change – because customization is never finished as long as your business is growing. We’ve found a way to customize CRM so that your sales team can be excited about using it – and your business can afford it. It’s an exciting new model that leverages Microsoft technology and blends it with your business needs today – and tomorrow. Customized CRM doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. In fact, it can be a reasonable, predictable investment – and still allow for all the changes that your company needs, whenever they are needed.

It’s not out of reach and we’d love to show you how to make it happen.

Mary Beth Melchior and the SYNACT team have been helping companies in a wide range of industries use CRM to deepen their customer relationships and grow their businesses for over a decade. SYNACT helps small- and mid-sized businesses implement CRM in a zero-conflict, all-inclusive service model that ensures they get the tools they need to serve their customers. If you want to see how to turn your dream CRM into reality, get in touch with Mary Beth at