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07 Jun 2017

SYNACT and the Small Business Council of Rochester

We work a lot with the Small Business Council of Rochester, providing their custom CRM solution and taking advantage of their awesome networking and training events. Recently, Sarah filmed an introductory video for their website outlining the reasons we’re such big fans and how being a member is an advantage to our business. Check it out below!

On a related note, the SBC has a great professional development series, SBC Boot Camp, that returns in September with a class taught by us! Descriptively titled Increase Sales, Boost Customer Retention, and Improve Profit Margins in Three Letters: C-R-M, we’ll be outlining the critical factors to building a successful CRM strategy that will deliver high impact to your bottom line, while avoiding common implementation pitfalls. For more information, check out the SBC events page. (We also have an upcoming webinar on June 21 about using CRM as Donor & Volunteer Management Software for non-profit organizations. For more information, email