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23 Apr 2020

Research Now, Buy Later

COVID-19 will pass, the only question is, when? If you’re like most business leaders, the economic uncertainty makes you leery about making any significant purchase for your business. We certainly understand. Nevertheless, it might be a good time to research products and services you’ll need when business returns to normal… and never had time to evaluate when you were running at full steam. You may have a wish list of projects you haven’t been able to delve into, like a developing a new product offering, expanding your building , revamping your business processes, or investing in new software. Investing the extra time you may have now isn’t just good for your business, but helps other businesses trying to ride out the storm. Even as supply chains dwindle and services are increasingly postponed today, some economic experts are predicting an economic boom when the crisis passes.

SYNACT is with you. We’re cautious about making big financial commitments given the current state of affairs, but we’re also doing our best to keep the wheels turning while maintaining a healthy dose of optimism. That forward-thinking mindset keeps our focus on the future as we evaluate new vendors, research new offerings, and tackle all those housekeeping tasks we’ve been delaying up until this point. We don’t need to make the financial investment now, but with more time on our hands, we can research, preparing to make decisions quickly when the COVID-19 crisis ends. One of the most common objections we encounter (and give) is “I don’t have time right now.” There’s a good chance excuse doesn’t fly right now.

In the meantime, we’re doing our best to “keep calm and carry on” and encourage you to reach out for a no-pressure conversation about business management software that might benefit your long term growth and preparedness for future disruptions. We’re also open to conversations about your business offerings. We hope you and all those around you are healthy, happy, and practicing safe social distancing for the interim.

Speaking of social distancing, switching to a remote-work setup isn’t easy. Threats like the coronavirus are bound to create disruption, but with unexpected challenges comes opportunity. Today’s tech solutions, like Microsoft Teams, allow you to respond effectively and deliver on business goals. Use this time to explore new ways of working and revisit old assumptions about productivity. If your team is struggling with remote working or isn’t setup to send 75% of your workforce home, give us a call. We can help.

You can contact for more information about Microsoft Teams and for information about Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s customer and business management suite of applications.

Thank you & stay safe!

-The SYNACT Team