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15 Nov 2018

Choosing the Right CRM Partner

Did you know American companies wasted $30 billion in unused software last year? If you’re considering a CRM implementation or want to improve what you’ve got already, hiring a partner with the appropriate expertise can go a long way in ensuring you deliver maximum value on your investment.

Keep in mind these priorities while you’re evaluating partners to assist with your CRM implementation:

1. Understand their perspective and approach.

CRM isn’t a project; it’s not something you can “set and forget.” Instead, it’s evolutionary and should be treated as such. The industry is going to change, the technology is going to change, your company is going to change, the users will change… all this change means that the system needs to evolve over time. If your partner has the perspective that “set it and forget it” is the way to go, they won’t be with you through the hard times.

2. Understand how the partner is going to get paid.

Time & Materials - The partner charges by the hour for all the work that they do, from design through training and ongoing support. Every minute they spend on your implementation is going to be charged back to you.

Fixed Fee Engagement - You’ll define all of your requirements up front and unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t know… and neither do they. When you’re three months into the implementation of CRM in your organization, and you discover a brand new way you can leverage the tool, that’s going to be outside of scope and not included in the fixed fee.

Service as a Subscription - The partner knows their business well enough to know they can support your CRM implementation for a fixed monthly fee. That means they’re going to be there to hold your hand as you go through the learning and growing pains of using CRM.