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28 Oct 2018

5 Ways to Know Your CRM Implementation is in Danger

Did you know that U.S. organizations waste $30 billion dollars annually on unused software? Does that make you think your CRM implementation might not be delivering maximum value? Here are 5 ways to know your CRM implementation, whether long standing or brand new, might be in danger:

1. Roadmap: You don’t have clearly defined and documented business requirements that outline your objective for the application and how you’re going to get there.

2. Buy-In: Neither executive leaders, nor users across organization have embraced CRM as a mission critical business tool. Users aren’t using it and managers aren’t managing by it.

3. Consistency: Users all have a unique way of entering the data. Which leads to point #4…

4. Data Integrity: Missing or redundant data makes users mistrust the reporting they get out of the system.

5. Expert: You don’t have the business process guru, or techie, let alone the combination of both, to help you translate business requirements into technical solutions.

That’s it, five quick ways to know your CRM implementation might need a pick me up.