SYNACT’s all-inclusive pricing model brings a new approach to the software industry’s bill-by-the-hour paradigm. In short, we charge a fixed fee per user, per month, with no investment upfront, to design and build your system, and no investment afterwards for the subsequent changes, training, and support you need to make it a success.
We don’t just sell software; we sell a mutually beneficial technology partnership, tying our own success directly to yours.  


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DESIGN: Understanding Your Needs

Project planning and detail design sessions provide the framework for a successful implementation. Business solutions aren’t about fields on a form; they’re about streamlining processes to optimize the way your company does business. Our custom, iterative designs model the way you and your team work, beginning with developing a deep understanding of your needs and processes. With that knowledge, we can build a system to ensure peak efficiency and a user-friendly experience.
Our planning and design sessions involve proven methodologies designed to reduce project risk while maximizing the return on investment for the software initiative.


TRAIN: Empowering Your Users

It's no secret; software capabilities are accelerating and companies that want to provide the best customer experience must adapt to changes in technology. We believe that training is the keystone of success in any software project. It is critical to user adoption and should reflect an ongoing effort. SYNACT offers unlimited training, led by real people who adjust to different learning styles. With a customized training program to meet your team’s specific needs, you can have all the resources you need to master your solution.


Your software is only as good as the people who use it. We want to ensure everyone on your team feels comfortable and confident.

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EXECUTE: Ensuring Your Success

At a high level, we map out your processes specific to the way your organization does business, including typical stages and outcomes. We identify and share best practices for getting from one stage to another and brainstorm metrics to help your organization measure performance. Finally, we define how D365 will help your organization manage, repeat, and refine the process for continued success.


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SUPPORT: Evolving with Your Business

No system is perfect on day one, and your staff won’t be fluent from the onset. Questions, change requests, and tweaks to increase user friendliness are always part of the process. Software is ever-evolving and should  be a part of your continuous improvement plan. Plus, your business isn’t static either. Your needs will change. Your team will change. Technology will change. We support your team every step of the way. With ongoing support included in your all-inclusive subscription, you can ensure that your business application will evolve as the environment changes, guarding against future obsolescence.



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