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About CRM

Why CRM?

CRM systems are cited as improving customer retention by as much as 27%.

From centralizing customer information and correspondence across your organization, to identifying new avenues for business growth, to automating essential workflows, CRM will help you to become more responsive to your customers’ needs. CRM helps organizations of all sizes, across all industries, to build more fruitful, productive relationships with current customers, and to forge relationships with new ones.

If your organization still uses a combination of handwritten reports, spreadsheets and your Rolodex or Microsoft Outlook contacts to manage ongoing marketing and sales efforts, as well as customer service and support, we’d like to talk with you about the benefits of CRM through Microsoft Dynamics 365. From start to finish, SYNACT will work directly with your team to customize CRM to run your business more effectively; we’ll help you to identify the activities you need to track, the reports you need to generate, and the workflows you want to automate. We’ll clean up and migrate your data, then train your teams on how to make the most of a system that they had a fundamental role in creating.

Why Microsoft?

Ranked 1st for enterprise, mid-size, and small businesses by CRM Magazine.

Microsoft is a leader in CRM innovation. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform offers a comprehensive set of productivity tools across finance, marketing, sales, and customer service. And, with the flexible framework open to custom development, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides for the automation of unique business processes that may fall outside the traditional use of CRM. Unlike many competitive platforms in the CRM marketplace, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can extend across multiple business units, giving organizations the ability to leverage their CRM investment without the need for additional software.

Microsoft is committed to providing a CRM solution that works the way you do. With a constantly expanding global economy, people need to access data beyond the walls of a traditional office. Microsoft offers a mobile application that can be accessed from all major devices, streamlining the user experience from Outlook to the web, to your tablet or phone. Providing access on all devices ensures that information can be entered and reviewed in real-time.


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