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About Us

Our Team

SYNACT is a family-owned and -operated Microsoft Partner focused on the implementation and support of CRM through Microsoft Dynamics 365. We collaborate with forward-thinking business leaders to increase corporate effectiveness by defining key business processes and supporting those processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our principals have experience developing and implementing enterprise-wide CRM platforms from the ground up, for clients of all shapes and sizes, across the country.

Our Customers

Our portfolio is comprised of small to medium sized businesses with one to 250 users of CRM. Our customers value the intimacy with which we approach our relationships; they expect us to engage fully in the execution of their business goals through the implementation of CRM. Our customers expect to build a relationship with the SYNACT team; when they call any one of our offices, they can be sure to speak with someone they know.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of long-term relationships as a way to ensure successful implementation of ever-evolving CRM tools. To support these relationships, we execute minimum two and three-year agreements with our customers.

We believe that eliminating the need to manage unique infrastructure requirements for each customer lends itself to more consistent and cost-effective support of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for every one of our customers. As a result, customers deploy CRM in our “partner-hosted” environment.

We believe that our customers are best served by CRM solutions that serve their needs, regardless of the resources required to customize the tool. We stand by our “zero-conflict” promise that ensures an organization’s ability to access even the most complex customizations of Microsoft Dynamics 365. With SYNACT, CRM grows in sophistication to meet each customer’s unique needs, without the unexpected costs of continued development.

Career Opportunities

Technical Specialist

We are looking for a self-motivated professional with strong technical aptitude to join our team as a Technical Specialist. Rather than any one specific skill set, capacity to learn new skill sets will be paramount to this candidate’s success. We are looking for a “Jack” or “Jane-of-all-trades” who has a keen interest in independently learning new software applications, programming languages, and more. Externally, SYNACT requires expanded Microsoft Dynamics CRM expertise. The ideal candidate will assist with design and development of custom CRM applications for our customers. While familiarity or experience with CRM is not a requirement, a broad interest and capacity for learning new software applications and development tools will be essential to the technical specialist’s success. Internally, our technical specialist will manage the IT infrastructure for our entirely remote workforce, including laptops, VOIP phones, and smart phones. The technical specialist will also administer Office 365 and assist marketing with tech-related initiatives, like website development. Click here to learn more and apply!

CRM Technology Consultant

As we add new customers, SYNACT requires additional design and development capacity within the organization. We are looking for a self-motivated CRM administrator with sound business acumen and a strong technical skill set to join our team. This person would be the first dedicated CRM technical resource, taking the reins on all technical aspects of our CRM solutions and acting as the point person for SYNACT’s overall technical strategy. Click here to learn more and apply!

Relationship Builder

“Relationship Builders” on SYNACT’s Managed Inside Sales Service team will execute a comprehensive lead cultivation strategy for two or three clients. You will have the opportunity to contribute creatively to a plan for generating and qualifying leads through a combination of outbound phone calls, email follow-up, and social media marketing, based on each client’s unique sales process. Ideal candidates for the Relationship Builder role will be motivated by results and seeing their direct impact on a growing company’s bottom line. Click here to learn more and apply!


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